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The real power of Loyalty Lane Rewards is in its ability to drive consumers back into the retailer’s store. We do this with inStore - Rewards, a higher rate of returning customers mean higher sales and higher profits.

  • With inStore - Rewards, retailers do very little to manage the program to increase customer returns
  • Points are issued at your existing POS when consumers check-out
  • Specific inventory items are promoted to be purchased or partially purchased with points. (eg 2 liter bottle of soda for 49 cents and 30 points)
  • Easy to run points promotions in conjunction with wholesaler and weekly circular
  • Run in conjunction with vendor allowances
  • Consumers will return more often and do more of their grocery shopping with you because they earn points that have real value.

Point to dollar ratios for issuance and redemption are customizable, Loyalty Lane Rewards will work with the retailer groups and/or wholesaler to determine the best program.

For example say you do 1 point issued per $1 spent, you could give a 2 liter bottle of soda for free with 60 points redeemed. (Remember, 60 points redeemed represents $60 already spent in your store).

This program works great with vendor allowance, here's another example, a customer could redeem 30 points for a free loaf of bread. The loaf retails at $1.19 or 99 cents with a vendor allowance, if your cost with allowance is 45 cents. Take into account those 30 points represent $30 of sales, the bread costs you 1.5% of that $30 in revenue from that customer.

Another example involves high margin service items, such as Carpet Cleaners, Digital photo kiosks, etc. So customers can get excellent services for not as many points, they receive a real and perceived high value for services they use on a repeated basis. Another example would be to redeem points for fuel or car washes, either yours or a partner station.

Working with businesses in your area also helps to promote a sense of community-loyalty for businesses and customers alike.

Clean carpets, clean cars, especially when they get it for a discount, make happy and loyal customers!


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